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From our perspective, the fields of transportation planning and engineering have long suffered from stagnation. Put simply, the challenges we face have out-paced our efforts to respond thus far. While we have made incremental improvements to travel demand modeling, traffic operations analysis, and transit planning, we have fallen short when it comes to addressing the great challenges of our time. These include climate change, sustainability, livability, and the artificial divisions between transportation and other planning-related practices for land use, economic development, urban design, and environmental management.

In recent decades, the gap between research and practice has grown, leaving us with methods and policies that address the needs of the 1960s, but have limited applications to addressing the issues listed above. CFA is investing in bridging the divide between research and practice. Our research efforts are focused on developing the tools and techniques that will address the great challenges of our times. We have identified the following areas where our research will build and improve on our practice, and where our practice will inform and guide our research:

     - Multimodal Level of Service and Environmental Impact Analysis
     - Modeling the Effects of Urban Form on Travel Behavior
     - Retrofitting Freeway Corridors with High-Capacity Transit
     - Innovative Travel Data Collection Techniques