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TCRP H-27: Transit-Oriented Development: State of the Practice, and Future Benefits Working for the Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD) with a team of consultants, Dr. Ferrell worked on a nationwide study of transit oriented and joint development practices with Dr. Robert Cervero. The objectives of this research were to assess and summarize the state of the practice and future direction of transit-oriented development and joint development in the United States, including the identification of benefits, best practices, implementation challenges, and strategies to overcome them.

The research focused on the following issues: (1) the effects of federal, state, and local policies and programs; (2) the range of transit agency roles' as provider of information, active development partner, dealmaker, advocate, regulator, facilitator/coordinator, and educator; (3) the importance of the transit agency's commitment to TOD/JD policy and practice; (4) the level of collaboration between various partners, (e.g., development community, financial partners, planning and land-use agencies, and government entities); (5) the role of community outreach and public involvement; (6) the assessment of real estate market conditions and their role in supporting TOD/JD; (7) the array of techniques used to streamline the development process from conceptual approvals through completion; (8) the role of public incentives (e.g.,infrastructure improvements, tax abatements, land sharing or financial participation, and site assembly and remediation); (9) the assessment of theuse of value capture by transit agencies; (10) the impact of TOD and JD on land values of the site and surrounding areas; (11) the demonstration of potential benefits of TOD; and (12) the identification of successful design principles and characteristics.

Dr. Ferrell was specifically responsible for surveying, analyzing, and reporting on the results of the survey of local governments and redevelopment agencies. He also conducted a series of telephone interviews with developers involved in TOD projects. Phase Two entailed more geographically focused case studies of TOD efforts around the country. In this Phase, Dr. Ferrell was responsible for conducting the interviews, data gathering, site visits, analysis and reporting for the Southern California region. He also conducted a series of interviews of Congestion Management Agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area for that region’s case study effort. Dr. Ferrell is listed as a co-author on all reports generated for this project.

Client: Transportation Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), National Academy of Science

Report Link: http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/tcrp/tcrp_rpt_102.pdf

International Boulevard Transit Oriented Development Plan – Oakland, CA.

Dr. Ferrell is currently working with Raimi+Associates on developing a plan to encourage Transit Oriented Development (TOD) along International Boulevard in Oakland, CA. Dr. Ferrell is responsible for proposing and analyzing solutions to transportation problems that may arise from the development associated with TOD in the corridor. We are working inclose collaboration with the rest of the Raimi+Associates team to develop a set of realistic TOD alternatives for this corridor that will account for the planned AC Transit bus rapid transit line running along International Boulevard, while posing minimal disruptions to traffic circulation and parking in the area.