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Mr. Carroll evaluated the transportation impacts and developed mitigation measures for a 2,500-acre specific plan area with a proposed population of over 20,000 residents and a proposed employment of up to 70,000.  Mr. Carroll coordinated with County Staff, civil engineering and land-use planning, and environmental team members to fine-tune land use and transportation network alternatives.  Mr. Carroll developed modeling tools to derive build-out peak hour forecast based on the daily forecasts of the Modesto General Plan Model and ITE trip generation rates.  He used these tools to evaluate peak hour intersection level of service impacts for 53 intersections and 37 roadway segments under 30 analysis scenarios covering the northern portion of Stanislaus County.

Client: Stanislaus County

Mr. Carroll developed a travel demand forecasting modelcovering Stanislaus County in California's Central Valley. This model included updated, fine-grained land use data and incorporated "Base Year" and a "Peak Hour" scenarios to replace the previous general plan model for the City of Modesto and for general analysis use by Caltrans and StanCOG.

Client: Stanislaus County Council of Governments