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Our Principals are actively involved in the Transportation Research Board, the American Planning Association and the Institute of Transportation Engineers. We teach graduate-level university courses in planning and engineering.

CFA’s principals are:

Michael Carroll, P.E., has over 15 years of travel demand forecasting, traffic engineering, transportation planning and research. He has worked on numerous traffic impact studies, environmental impact reports, and travel demand modeling projects throughout California. His research focuses on developing new data sources and measurement techniques for the transportation planning practice.

Christopher E. Ferrell, Ph.D. has over 15 years of private consulting and public sector experience in transportation planning, research and education. He is the author and co-author of numerous practice-oriented research publications, including TCRP Report 102: Transit-Oriented Development in the United States: Experiences, Challenges, and Prospects and TCRP 145: Reinventing the Urban Interstate: A 'New Paradigm' for Multimodal Transportation Corridors.

Bruce Appleyard, Ph.D. is passionate about helping people create joyful and enriching communities that reflect their spirit and identity, are economically vibrant,and yield environmental and health benefits for all. Bruce specializes in pedestrian and bicycle planning and design, as well as applied GIS research onhuman settlement and behavior patterns at the intersection of urban design, transportation, and land use and environmental policy. His research and applied work focuses on identifying how these policies and practices can be used inconcert with one another to improve a range of sustainability, livability,social equity, and public health outcomes (air & water quality, climatechange, physical activity). For his work with communities to improve their livability, safety, and health he was recognized by the Robert Wood JohnsonFoundation as one of their Top-Ten Active Living Heroes”, alongside Dan Burden and President Barack Obama. Bruce is a community workshop leader andand lead analyst for numerous award-winning Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Assessment programs.